T-Mobile Presents • The 10th Annual

Golf Tournament

Invitational Only • Wednesday July 26, 2023

T-Mobile Golf Tournament

Every year since 2014, wireless industry colleagues join forces at the annual golf invitational for two great causes: The Tower Family Foundation and Warriors4Wireless. More than $5.2 million has been raised and for 2023, we're looking to up that amount significantly. Join us!

Tournament History

Driving into our 10th year, the tournament has expanded from the initial focus of T-Mobile Towers, and now raises fun and funds for its participants and industry-engaged charities.


We keep our focus on two great charities that contribute to the wireless industry: the Tower Family Foundation and Warriors4Wireless.


This foundation was created to provide financial assistance to family members of severely injured, permanently disabled or deceased tower workers.


A career development program for military personnel who are transitioning to the private sector, Warriors4Wireless helps thousands of veterans gain employment in the telecommunications industry.


The goal of Learning Alliance and the NextTech Diversity Program is to increase Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) across the Telecom industry by investing in the recruiting, training, certification and job placement of minorities and women. The telecom network infrastructure field often has thousands of open positions that offer long-term, rewarding careers to those with applicable skills and certifications. Yet, there is a lack of diversity in the workforce that includes field technicians and tower crews. To improve the participation of underrepresented communities in the telecom industry and create real change, Learning Alliance and the NextTech Diversity Program have partnered together.
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Working to improve the diversity of the trucking industry. New Reflections Technical institute & The NextTech Diversity Program: aims to provide career training and placement of diverse candidates to take on roles as 5G network equipment drivers. The goal is to create long-term telecom careers where training provides job opportunities for individuals to obtain commercial driver licenses to transport 5G network equipment on a national level.
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The Golf Club at Newcastle

With two championship courses, the T-Mobile tournament is held on one of the most stunning viewpoints of Seattle's Puget Sound Region. The Coal Creek Course is part of the Club's 360-degree expansive, hilltop grounds.

How Mobile Works

The T-Mobile Procurement & Supply team's website is chock-full of information about cell-site technologies and deployment. Especially useful for local government and neighborhood meetings. Check it out.