T-Mobile Golf Badge
T-Mobile Presents • The 8th Annual

Golf Tournament

Invitational Only • Wednesday September 22, 2021

T-Mobile Golf Tournament

T-Mobile's golf tournament started in 2014. The purpose of the tournament is to convene wireless industry colleagues with key T-Mobile Planning, Procurement & Development personnel, and to raise funds to support two outstanding causes: Tower Family Foundation and Warriors4Wireless.

Tournament History

Going into our 6th year, the tournament has grown from the initial focus of T-Mobile Towers, and now raises fun and funds for its participants and industry-engaged charities.


We keep our focus on two great charities that contribute to the wireless industy: Tower Family Foundation and Warriors4Wireless.


This foundation was created to provide financial assistance to family members of severely injured, permanently disabled or deceased tower workers.


A career development program for military personnel who are transitioning to the private sector, Warriors4Wireless helps thousands of veterans gain employment in the telecommunications industry.

The Golf Club at Newcastle

With two championship courses, the T-Mobile tournament is held on one of the most stunning viewpoints of Seattle's Puget Sound. The Coal Creek Course is part of the Club's 360-degree expansive, hilltop acres.

How Mobile Works

The Planning, Procurement & Development team's premiere website is chock-full  of information about cell site technologies and deployment. Especially usefuly for local government and neighborhood meetings. Check it out.